Solihull and District

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Old Pub Name Index

Pub Name Cross Reference

The following is an index of Pub Names and a cross reference to either the current name or the original name if the pub is now closed.

Old Pub Names Status Current or Original name (if Closed)
Acres Open The Damson
Alexanders Tavern Closed Moonraker
Anchor, Wharf Lane Solihull Closed Anchor
Assembly Rooms, Poplar Road, Solihull Open Yates
B91 Closed Missoula
Baltimore Diner Open Olton Tavern
Bar Co Open The Beech House
BARLEY MOW Open O'neills
Bell Solihull Open Ramada Hotel
Bell Lapworth Closed
Bird In Hand, Henley in Arden Closed
Bird In Hand, Lapworth Closed
Blue Boar Open Kings Arms
Bridgewater Hotel Open Kings Arms
Byron's, High Street Solihull Closed
Calendars Closed The Green Man
Captains Locker Closed The Gardeners Arms
Catherlough Arms Ullenhall Open? The Winged Spur
Cat in the Window Open Kings Arms
Chequers, Monkspath Open The Fieldhouse
Cherry Trees, Lapworth Closed
Chiswick Green Inn, Shirley Open Miller and Carter, Shirley
Clock Inn, Elmdon Closed
Cock Inn, Shirley Closed
Crown Shirley Open The Harvester
Cuddles Closed Tom O'Bedlam
Dallas Exchange Closed The Green Man
Engine, Hampton in Arden Closed
Engine and Railway Inn, Hampton in Arden Closed Engine
Family Inn, Rowood Drive, Damsonwood Open Acres
Felons & Firkin, Knowle Open Red Lion
George & Dragon, Shirley Closed The Green Man
George & Dragon, High Street Solihull Closed
George Hotel Open Ramada Hotel
Golden Acres, Damsonwood Open The Acres
Golden Arrow Closed
Golden Cross, Henley in Arden Closed
Golden Lion, Warwick Road, Solihull Open The Beech house
Green Dragon, Solihull Closed George & Dragon
Gregory's Restaurant & Bar Closed Tom O'Bedlam
Greswolde Arms Open Greswolde Hotel
Henleys Closed Murphys
Herons Nest, Solihull Open Kings Arms
Hillfield Hall, Hillfield Closed
Hockley House, Hockley Heath Closed
Hooters Closed Olivers Real Ale Bar
House Closed Missoula
Jack Barrows Bar & Grill Open Met Bar
Jarvis Hotel Open Ramada Hotel
Jeffersons, Shirley Open The Harvester
Limerick Castle Open O'neills
Lion Claverdon Open Red Lion
Lion Rock Closed Tom O'Bedlam
Loaf closed Missoula
Magpie, High Street Solihull Closed George and Dragon
Malt Shoval, High Street Solihull closed Missoula
Mermaid and Greswolde Arms, Knowle Open Greswolde Hotel
Metro Bar and Grill, Solihull open Esabella's Restaurant
Morrisseys Closed Pavilion
Murphys, Henley in Arden Closed
Nags Head, New Road Solihull Open Ramada Hotel
Nevada Bar Closed Gardeners Arms
Newport Diner Open Olton Tavern
Old Colonial, Damsonwood Closed
Old Royal Oak, Wood End Open Warwickshire Lad
Old Royal Oak, Hockley Heath Open The Oak Hotel
Old Tom, Chadwick End Closed
Olivers Real Ale Bar, Solihull Closed
Olton Hall Open Olton Tavern
Pavillion, Shirley Open Regency Hotel
Pickwick, Shirley Open Miller and Cater
Pop World, Solihull Closed Missoula
Pump House, Solihull Closed Missoula
Pitcher and Piano Open Esabella's Restaurant
Raison D'Etre Closed Byrons
Red House, Hermitage Road Open Flying Elephant
Red Lion, Henley Closed
Red Lion, Shirley Opening 15th Dec 2021 The Lion
Ring of Bells, Hampton in Arden Closed
Rosie's Pump House Closed Missoula
Rising Sun, Knowle Open Wilsons Arms
Rosie O'Briens Closed Missoula
Royal Oak, Dury Lane, Solihull Closed
Saddlers Open Tap and Tandoor
Swan, Knowle Closed White Swan
Swan Inn, Station Road, Solihull Closed
Snooty Fox, Solihull Closed Missoula
Spur, Ullenhall Open The Winged Spur
Stables, Hillfield Closed Hillfield Hall
Talbot, Ullenhall Closed
Taverna , Hockley Heath Open The Oak Hotel
Three Maypoles, Shirley Open Miller and Carter
Travellers Rest Closed Green Man
Tom O'Bedlam, Chadwick End Closed
Union, Shirley Closed
Viking, Olton Open Hobs Meadow
Vine Inn, Knowle Closed
Wheatsheaf, Lapworth Closed
White Lion, Bentley Heath Open Drum and Monkey
White Lion, Hockley Heath Open Wharf Tavern
White Swan, Knowle Closed
Wood at Rowington Open Tom O' the Wood